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Smart Deals

Sypram Technology is a leading IT solution provider company that provides cutting-edge software products and solutions to its clients.

Our mission : To provide the most cost-effective IT solutions worldwide to small and medium size businesses, thereby helping them obtain the highest technology leverage on their IT investment.

The way we are outstanding from other companies is that our mission does not remain just an ideal. In stead, we are practically achieving it everyday in almost every case... and the biggest proof of this comes from our clients. more
SmartPOSe is an innovative POS software that takes Sypram Technology a step forward in business intelligence. It is a fully touch-screen system and is primarily designed and developed for high-performance transactions.... more
SmartAidPro is a Microsoft Windows based software. It can be used by any Medical Transportation company that uses form MC-12 for billing to Unisys. Easy Customer, Management, Trip Scheduling, Quick Claim Processing,Driver & Fleet Management ... more

Retail business solutions
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* Grocery Stores
* Liquor Stores
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* Any other retail business